Data Science Support (Remote, Students)

Job description

Daltix gathers retail data from more than 50 different webshops using an in-house developed web scraping engine. Over 600GB of HTML files are downloaded & processed through the platform on a daily basis. This raw data is not always clean and an important challenge we face at Daltix is creating a uniform & standardised dataset from all the unstructured data we collect. Our engineers are working on a solution to this challenge using AI & Machine Learning and, as part of this work, there is some manual labor required (data labeling) to help teach our computers how to correctly process data.


This is where you can help us!


What you’ll be doing:

  • Manually gather training data for our algorithms.
  • Validate the output of our algorithms.
  • Manually supply data our current algorithms miss (e.g by looking at images).
  • While we realise this manual labor might not be as sexy, however there are benefits to it:
  • The work can be done from where-ever you want, as long as you have a laptop + steady network connection.
  • You’ll be working with our data engineering & science teams, who’re solving difficult challenges involving lots of data.
  • You’ll be able to use our internal tools which will make the job as smooth as possible.
  • You’ll experience what it’s like working for an ambitious, fast growing tech-company with a very diverse team in both Belgium & Lisbon.


  • This is a student job so you need to be a student in order to qualify.
  • Honesty, we’ll give you flexible hours/location but we’re counting on you to do the job!
  • You need to speak Dutch as we’re dealing with Dutch data.